• Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Loans

  • Buying a new home is such a thrilling time and can be lots of fun. Many people in South Florida are currently searching for the perfect home for their family. However, before you buy the home, you will need a mortgage loan to finance the purchase. Obtaining a mortgage loan does not have to be overwhelming and complicated. Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida residents can be confident when they choose Lord Mortgage as their lender.

  • Applying for a Loan

    Applying for a loan at Lord Mortgage is easy. You can apply by phone by calling (561) 353-5858 and it only takes 5 minutes to find out if you've been approved! You can obtain a free consultation, and you are under no obligation to accept the offer. You can get pre-approved in just minutes, so you will know how much money you can receive for the loan. You will need to include your name, email address, and address. You will need to include information about your income, and you will need to estimate your credit rating. You can submit the application, and you will be on your way to a new home.

  • Types of Mortgages

    Lord Mortgage offers numerous types of mortgages that you can choose from. These include:

    FHA Loans: This type of loan has more lenient requirements than the other loans. You need a 550 credit score and 10% down to obtain an FHA mortgage loan.

    VA Loans: Military personnel and veterans can qualify for this loan, and it offers 100% financing.

    Commercial Loans: You can get a loan for your Fort Lauderdale business.

    • Jumbo loans: If you want a larger amount, you can qualify for a jumbo loan.

    Refinancing loan: You can refinance your Fort Lauderdale area home, and get a great rate.

    Hard money loan: If you need cash, we can deliver and if you need cash in a hurry, the loan specialists at Lord Mortgage & Loan have got you covered with a private, hard money loan.

    Subprime loan: If you have bankruptcy or foreclosure in your past, we can offer loans for less than perfect credit.

    So if you live in Fort Lauderdale or another city in South Florida and need a mortgage lender, contact Lord Mortgage to take care of your loan. We offer excellent customer service, the most competitive rates, and an easy application process. Contact us today at (561) 353-5858 or click here and you will be on your way to home ownership.