• FHA Loans South Florida

  • FHA Loans South Florida

    Looking to buy a home or refinance with a low down payment? A FHA Loans South Florida backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may be the answer. At Lord Mortgage & Loan, we understand the challenges facing today’s home buyers, and we work hard to make home ownership possible for responsible borrowers like you. With an FHA loan from Lord Mortgage & Loan, you benefit from less stringent qualification requirements, your choice of a fixed-rate or ARM product, and the security that comes with a government-insured loan.

    Credit score as low as 550 with 10% down.
    580 and above 3.5% down

    Here to Serve You

    When you call Lord Mortgage & Loan, you’ll receive attentive service and expert guidance from an FHA loan expert. We’ll determine whether you qualify for an FHA loan and quickly set the wheels in motion; and our no-hassle application process is designed to make securing your approval fast and worry-free.

    An FHA loan may be exactly what you need to finally shop for your dream home with confidence. Call Lord Mortgage & Loan today for more information or to schedule an appointment.