• Business Loans

  • Business Loans

    When banks say “No”
    We say “Yes!”

    Several funding options: see which is right for you.


    ·        Approval in minutes

    ·        Collateral not required

    ·        Good credit not required


    Why Cash Advances With Advance Capital?

    Merchant Cash Advances from Advance Capital are a great financing option for small and medium sized businesses. This alternative business financing was created specifically to address the problems of traditional financing options like complicated approval

    processes, long waiting periods, spending restrictions and high decline rates. You get

    a lump sum of cash deposited directly into your bank account. You receive cash in exchange for a fixed dollar amount of your future revenues.


    No Assets… No Collateral… No Red Tape…


    Complete a simple & confidential application & provide a few of your business bank statements via secure fax or email.


    We conduct an independent industry analysis & present you with results & several options.


    Wait 24-48 hours for approval of your funding choice.


    Unsecured loans from $25,000
    to $2,000,000 for 1-5 years

    We make funding fast and simple. You can be approved in 24 hours and receive funding in days. We offer great rates and require no collateral, fees or obligation to apply for financing. What you should be thinking is what it is costing you not to have this money working for you in your business.

    Unlike traditional bank loans, our business loans and Lines of Credit offer flexible cash flow financing. Traditional banks often require massive amounts of paperwork, make you jump through hoops to apply, require collateral, and can take weeks or even months to approve you.

    Borrow for almost any business goal, such as:
    • Expanding your business
    • Investing in new equipment
    • Hiring more people
    • Launching innovative campaigns to bring more customers in the door
    If your loan is for something else, just tell us in your application.



    What Is Invoice Factoring?

    Factoring is the selling of invoices, or accounts receivable, to a factoring company for immediate cash. The factoring company acts as an outsourced credit department, handling the collection and processing payment on the invoices. This service helps small businesses because they don’t have to spend time managing payments, making collection calls, and figuring out which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding.


    Specifically, there are certain industries that factor their invoices more often than others. Some of those are:

    ·         Temporary Staffing Companies

    ·         Transportation / Trucking Companies

    ·         Manufacturing Companies

    ·         Commercial Janitorial Companies

    ·         Security Guard Companies

    ·         Commercial Construction Contractors

    ·         Commercial Landscaping Companies

    ·         Distribution Companies

    ·         Oil and Gas Service Companies

    Key Differences

    between invoice factoring and a traditional bank loan:


    Factoring involves three parties (the factoring client, the client’s customer, and the factoring company) not two, as in banking.


    Factoring typically provides more cash per invoice.


    Factoring typically
    generates cash within a day of invoicing.


    Factoring does not require covenants, unlike bank loans.


    Factoring provides
    additional services such as credit management and collection assistance.


    Factoring is not based on a business’s credit history, but on the creditworthiness of the invoiced party